Range Rover Supercharged rental miami Range Rover Supercharged rental miami Range Rover Supercharged rental miami

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The details shown to public when this range rover supercharged was introduced including its interior and exterior styling. The interior design is undoubtedly equal to the Rolls-Royce grade interior. In fact, the styling design is not the only things the car brings into view because it also has new engine.

The range rover supercharged brings 5.0 liter direct-injection V8. The engine is able to hit 0-60 mph in 7.2 seconds. Moreover, the engine of this supercharged model is developed from 400 hp to 510 hp through direct fuel injection. Also, the vehicle should be suitable for off-road drive because it is packed with extra power of 6-piston calipers that clamp larger brakes.

Furthermore, the changes made are also covering the electronically controlled shock absorbers so driver will be able to drive more comfortable because this system will respond to driver inputs frequently. More importantly, range rover supercharged is able to perform greater sense of control, this way you will be able to enjoy the smoother and even driving experience.

The standard feature that significantly supports the off-road driving is the airbag suspension which is simply adjustable. This feature is another safety feature that will eliminate the risk especially when you are on the hard terrain areas.

Looking closer to the interior design, range rover supercharged presents you stunning interior features such as a TV-like TFT screen. This is a useful addition you should take into account. What is next, the display also includes the off-road setting that enables you to see anything displayed on it under the direct sunlight.

Apparently, range rover supercharged is not designed with self-closing door. On the other hand, range rover cannot be equipped with this self-closing door design because the door is constructed from lightweight aluminum material and heavy-duty seals. Another drawback shown is through the TFT display. There are a few electrical glitches that illuminated warning lamps on the display that may disturb you little bit even though it is only in a few seconds.