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Among many leading automobile companies, Porsche is one of the popular brands that never stop improving its vehicles. From a number car models belong to Porsche, Porsche Carrera 4s is one series that may attract many consumers’ interests. It is Porsche Carrera 4S that tries to present the excellence of car styling. In fact, this latest model will also bring the sense of sport styling as well as the dynamic one. In general, the improvement is covering the stunning exterior design, exclusive interior, improved aerodynamics and performance characteristic.

Speaking of the aerodynamic and design, Porsche Carrera 4s has been under smart designing project that perform the intensive development work in the wind tunnel. Also, the PUR-RIM components included has made the significant increase of the downforce on the axle and it results in a significant improvement in driving stability.

Another improvement at the front spoiler also enhances the dynamism of Porsche Carrera 4s because it gives positive effects to the work of braking system. As well, the additions of a roof spoiler and three versions of rear wings allow the precision aerodynamic to work more effectively by tuning on the rear axle.

Furthermore, the innovation of the exterior is exclusively carried out by giving significant decoration trims on exterior mirrors. This feature is made from carbon fiber in which offers customized color based on consumers’ request. Other changes also presented as you can see the decorative headlamps, new sports exhaust systems, and a low swung rear diffuser.

The innovation, once more, is quite remarkable since the Porsche Carrera 4s is equipped with new TECHART flap-controlled exhaust system. In specific, there are two versions offered and both of them have been enhanced respectively. The first version is ‘Sport’ version that presents two rear mufflers with an exhaust flap. The addition of an exhaust control unit is to double-oval tailpipes in a black chromium finish.

The second one is ‘Racing’ version that is designed with two stainless steel high-performance headers and a sports catalyst. This version is claimed to be able to boost the vehicles power by 35 bhp. Seriously, you are free to choose between a sporty sound and a powerful racing car sound.