Mercedes Benz SL550 rental miami Mercedes Benz SL550 rental miami Mercedes Benz SL550 rental miami

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Mercedes Benz SL550 belongs to high class lifestyle, well it is reasonable because this model has long been the choice of many lawyers, fund managers, and also those who are not money-conscious. Also, the reason why the Mercedes Benz SL550 so popular is because it has been designed for ultimate satisfaction, both through its performance and appearance. The look is improved with beautiful exterior features as well as its interior.

The Mercedes Benz SL550 has lighter steering feel that suit for regular or daily driving. The steer wheel is really supportive especially when you maneuver and weave at the different elevation road and blind turning. Furthermore, the engine packed in SL550 is a 5.5 liter V8 that delivers magnificent 382 hp and 391 lb ft of torque make the car more powerful even with its heavy weight.

Even though the interior is completed with good preference of leather and a lot of uses of aluminum, the seat is unfortunately little bit downright finicky. You will have to be careful when you want to put the seat back into straight position because the backrest seat often raises itself upright so fast when you adjust it so far back. Moreover, another issue appears is regarding the climate controls. This Mercedes Benz SL550 has the downright on the circular switchgear.

Still in the regard of interior part, the navigation unit included doesn’t present user-friendly system because it doesn’t have the round silver controller like other SL models. However, its performance is quite satisfying especially when the Active Body Control is activated. The heavy-weighed car seems nothing that you can drive it smoothly without afraid of being sloppy.

This should be true to approve that Mercedes Benz SL550 is the sturdiest convertible you may ever find. The chassis is perfectly solid and it supports the car excellently while it is speeding up. Even though it is not a sport car model for track, the top speed is much satisfying.

In addition, SL550 brings some updated technology like AIRCRAFT system that functions as heating system built into the headrest that will comfort you as the little warm air is blowing on your neck.