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Genuinely, Lincoln Navigator is created by Ford Motor Company. Belongs to Lincoln luxury division, Navigator was the first super utility vehicles and the first 4-wheel drive vehicle manufactured. This four-door car provides eight passenger seats (including the driver), but it depends on the model, the most significant benefit is the large space it offers.

The Lincoln luxury car division has three generations. The first generation is the Lincoln Navigator that based on the Ford Expedition. The exterior includes unique headlights and taillights, a unique hood, a chrome waterfall style grille, unique wheel arches, distinctive style wheels, different door handles, and a different roof rack. The interior of this first generation packs standard leather seating surfaces, extensive carpeting, fine wood inserts, and greater sound deadening.

Mechanically, this first generation adopt the same engine belongs to Expedition which is 5.4 liter SOHC V8 that delivers 230 hp at 4,250 rpm and 325 lb ft of torque at 3,000 rpm. Its 4-wheel model is able to hit from 0-60 mh in 10.3 seconds. The improvement was that focus on engine by replacing with the new 5.4 liter DOHC V8 and improving the power produced reached 300 hp at 5,000 rpm and 355 lb ft of torque at 2,750 rpm.

There were quite many changes in Lincoln Navigator second generation. Both exterior and interior were upgraded. The noticeable addition is seen form the ‘Safety Canopy’ side curtain airbags and a tire pressure monitoring system for more protection. Moreover, the better handling was presented through a reworked chassis, new rack-and-opinion steering, and perfectly new independent rear suspension.

Speaking of the engine, this second generation models were equipped with 5.4 liter 3-valve SOHC V8 that produces 300 hp at 5,000 rpm and 365 lb ft of torque at 3750 rpm. The transmission was using ZF Friedrichshafen AG six-speed automatic.

Well, the third generation is still manufactured today. The exterior features are built in more complex and modern way. The popular model from this generation is Navigator L. the exterior shows 18-inch alloy wheels with 20- and 22-inch as options. Previously, the engine is still adopting the earlier model from the second generation as well as the transmission, but then it revised in Navigator 5.4 liter V8 that gained 10 hp and it is completed with flex-fuel capability. Also, the updated interior including a 600-Watt 14-speaker THX II-certified audio system makes the car more stunning.