Mustang GT Convertible rental miami Mustang GT Convertible rental miami Mustang GT Convertible rental miami

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The most noticeable features from Ford Mustang GT Convertible are its exterior and interior design that are constructed under the modern technology and well-crafted materials to give more satisfaction of luxurious touches and sense. More importantly, the V8 engine that delivers powerful horsepower is something you should take into account.

Actually, the car also introduces upgraded performance as well as the improved handling characteristic that provides the consumers updated technology features and more standard safety compared to other models. Thus, it is not that surprising anymore that Ford Mustang GT Convertible 2010 would be able to give you fast, convenient, and also affordable performance.

The proof that Ford Mustang GT Convertible may catch worldwide consumers’ attention is with the fact Mustang has been gaining over 9 million customers from all over the world. Thus, the latest models would be representing many loyal consumers’ demand and expectations.

According to the company spokesperson, the Ford Mustang GT Convertible may be rolled out to have both new level of power and refinement. The design should be loyal to the classic Mustang that many people adore, it means that the upgraded performance, improved features and technology will get along with the Mustang classic styling.

Moreover, the consumers will be given the options of V6 and V8 engine. The improved features including convertible and innovative glass roof, the brand-new unique sculptured front-end design of V6 and GT, the turn indicators and headlamps is combines into one unit, the fog lamps in V6-engine series is placed on the lower fascia whereas in GT model the fog lamp is located in the upper of grille. Both fog lamps for each series are smaller than the predecessors’.

Take a closer look to the exterior design, ford mustang gt convertible 2010 is packed with wheel-and-tire combinations which are ranging from 17 – 19 inches. This size will be so helpful to improve the handling and braking. The shocks have been adjusted as well as the springs and the stabilizer bar.

Once again, through the innovation, the 4.6 liter V8 engine delivers 315 hp and the fuel system takes the standard fuel system like other models. Thus, the engine is excellent for race track, drag strip, and of course on the highway.