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No one would refuse Ferrari F430 and you must be really insane to refuse it as well. Okay, the point is that this car is extraordinarily worth-owning and the design is so excellent that every head would willingly tilt on its direction. Can you imagine yourself driving it in the city? Surely, this sport car will make you look astounding.

Take a closer look to its revised body, Ferrari F430 has aerodynamic and curvy shape. In general, the body styles of this Ferrari include two-seat Berlinetta and two-seat Spider. You will still be able to view the ‘sharknose’ style in this vehicle as it is adopted from the 60s models. Also, the significant improvement is seen from the downforce, whereas the drag coefficient is still perfectly the same like its predecessor. The other noticeable update can be seen through its rear because the revision involved Enzo’s tail lights. Moreover, the interior design of ferrari f430 is improved by adding interior vents. More interestingly, the car’s name has been carved into the side mirror.

Speaking of engine, Ferrari F430 is equipped with a 4.3 liter V8 petrol engine. The make use of this new power plant was started in F430 models because all earlier V8 models from Ferrari were using the same power plant. Thereafter, after years and years of experiment, the development gives result at last and it is the new 4.3 liter V12. This engine has a top speed at 315 km per hour and it delivers 483 hp at 8500 rpm and 343 lb ft of torque at 5250 rpm.

Furthermore, Ferrari F430 is packed with Brembo-collaborated brakes. This collaboration results in a brand new cast-iron alloy for the discs. The alloy that is used in this production is molybdenum that is believed to have better heat dissipation performance. Apparently, other option presented by Ferrari is the Carbon fibre-reinforced Silicon Carbide ceramic composite discs that have more resistance toward the heat as well as brake fade than metals. More importantly, this feature is longer durability compared to other materials.

In addition, other features should come with Ferrari F430 is E-Diff which is the computer-controlled limited slip differential, manettino steering wheel-mounted control knob, Skyhook, ESP system, transmission behavior, and throttle response.