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Perhaps there are no one would doubt about German car maker BMW for it has a long experience in manufacturing great and quality BMW models, let’s say an example like BMW Z4. Just like other series, the Z4 series are manufactured into two generations.

For further details, let’s peek on each of the model. The first generation of Z4 called E85 rolled out in roadster form and coupe form. This model belongs to Luxury Car-Sport and Car-Roadster class which means providing high-class driving experience. This prestige car, of course, will suit your appearance and give you the VIP-class driving experience.

You can guess from the coupe and roadster form it takes, E85 is 2-door car for practical driver. Speaking of its engine, BMW Z4 E85 offers engine that is developed and revised range from 2.0 liter I4, 2.2 liter I6 with 170 bhp, 2.5 liter I6 with 218 bhp, 3.0 liter I6 with 215 hp, and 3.2 liter I6.

The transmission of this first generation are divided into two types which are 5/6 speed manual and 5/6 speed automatic. This rear-wheel drive sports car even won the Automobile Magazine for its marvelous design at first launch in 2002. Surely, the stylish and elegant design will fit your prestige lifestyle.

Furthermore, the second generation of BMW Z4 is E89 or Z4M in which there are several improvements conducted to enhance this later generation. The body style of E89 comes in 2-door roadster only, it means you will not meet the coupe form rolled out under the name of this series.

Also, the major transmission included in E89 series is the 7-speed automatic that may be able perform great top speed as you are accelerating on the road. However other transmissions still adopt from its predecessor which are 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic and still provide the driver great hit on the fly.

The engine taken on board to this model previously is 2,497 cc I6, 2, 996 cc I6, and 2,979 cc twin-turbocharged I6. In fact, with this high-rated performance, E89 belongs to personal luxury car class and this model is still being manufactured until today.