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Among other BMW models, BMW X5 belongs to luxury crossover SUV. This model is also recognized as Four-by-our model in United Kingdom. This all-wheel drive car is the first Sport Utility Vehicle that is created to provide customers either manual or automatic transmission. Moreover, there are gasoline inline-6s, V8s and diesel engines provided to suit customers’ preferences.

Take a closer look to its body shape, BMW X5 is depicted as Sport Activity Vehicle that should be very suitable for on-road driving. Thus, it is more SAV than SUV. The big size body seems adopting the frame that is shifting from truck body frame to sedan-based crossovers. BMW X5 comes as 5-door vehicle that brings the performance layouts that include front engine and four wheel drive.

Previously, the first generation of the X5 model is manufactured in 1999 which is the E53 that is equipped with 3.0 liter 225 hp I6, 4.4 liter 286 hp and 315 hp V8, 4.6 liter 347 hp V8, 4.8 liter 355 hp V8, and 3.0 liter 193/218 hp I6 diesel. Moreover, the transmissions are varied in five-speed automatic transmission, five-speed manual transmission, six-speed automatic transmission, and six-speed manual transmission.

The E53 model also offers several features as valuable car entertainment system, for example the Navigation System, radio Function, Television and Telecommunication system, and automotive computer system which come with more flexibility. For being modern entertainment system, these all features will give much compatibility whenever you want them to be upgraded with the latest BMW technologies.

In 2006, the E53 model production was stopped and it was replaced with E70 model that is still manufactured today. Thus, as a second generation of BMW X5, E70 belongs to SAV drive. The major upgrade this model brings is BMW iDrive system which has become the standard equipment for most BMW models. This new technology improvement makes E70 to be created with additional third row seat.

The pros BMW tries to present through E70 is styling for protection like a unique rear framing section that is created to protect third row passengers if there is any injury caused by accidental impact. After wards, revisions conducted toward this model are dealing with the addition to new front bumper and air intakes.