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There are two generations of BMW M6. The first generation is E24 M635CSi/M6 and the second is BMW M6 Coupe. Let’s get the tour to the previous generation first. The M6 belongs to E24 model was once depicted as great car with great design because it gives you the feel of elegance, sharp style, and also the long-lasting luxurious. Besides the 5-speed manual transmission, it carries the M88/3 engine, the 3.5 liter I6 286 PS, and it is able to perform you the top speed of 158 mph which is equal with 254 km per hour.

The significant difference you may find through M6 compared to other E24 models are particular features like larger front air dam, BBS wheels, a rear spoiler, M badges placed on the grille and back side, color matching side view mirrors, and the larger front brakes.

Furthermore, BMW M6 first generation is divided into catalyzed and non-catalyzed version. The catalyzed one produces 256 hp and 243 ft lbf of torque through S38B35 motor, whereas the non-catalyzed produces 286 bhp and 251 lb ft of torque. Moreover, this model hits 100 mph in 15 sec.

Speaking of the second generation of BMW M6 which is the M6 Coupe, BMW designed this car with 6-speed manual transmission, but the engine is still adopting the 5.0 L V10 S85 engine. Together with the 7-speed single clutch SMG III gearbox, the car produces 514 hp and 380 lf ft of torque. Even, the car is able to hit 0 – 100 km per hour in 4.4 sec and the company admits that this model has an electronically limited top speed of 155 miles per hour.

Further details show that BMW M6 Coupe still packs the same power button with its predecessor. For being Coupe, M6’s major pro is the light weight. Some parts of the car is built with light materials like carbon fiber supports the plastic roof panel, thermoplastic front wings, compound boot trunk lid, and aluminum doors and hood, bumpers, and roof. As a result, the use of light materials improves the car’s performance and handling.