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At a quick glance, BMW 335i Convertible is equipped with more enhanced features to support its original attributes which are rear-wheel drive, nearly 50-50 weight distribution, astonishing precise steering, and engineered suspension. These attributes have become the standard features for almost all BMW models for more convenient and satisfying driving experience.

The great thing about this model is the classic lines that are combined with basic shape of BMW model. BMW 335i Convertible presents the latest innovative design including the headlights, the revised and improvement over depth and details of the taillight, and also both interior and exterior mirrors.

The BMW 335i Convertible is also equipped with US standard attributes like Xenon Adaptive Headlight. In fact the BMW’s signature corona light rings are innovated with widened kidney grille that must be matching the broad new hood and it is eye-catching from the outside because it stands out from the surface.

Speaking of the engines, the BMW 335i Convertible is packed with N55 turbocharged all aluminum engine. This engine presents the same ‘short block’ and 3.0 liter displacement found in its senior models. Through careful improvement, the engine has been revised to be more responsive, more fuel efficient, and also clearer-running. The engine delivers 300 hp and 300 fb lt of torque, also 7,000 rpm redline.

Furthermore, to keep up with customers’ demands, BMW 335 convertible packs the six-speed manual gearbox and six-speed Steptronic automatic. The additional features are ‘pull-style’ shift paddles that come along with multifunctional steering wheel. Moreover, the improved housing design, which separates between the streams exhaust gasses, gives positive impact to the turbocharger to increase the pressure much faster. BMW 335 convertible overwhelms many customers with latest 300 hp turbocharged 3.0 liter inline-engine.

Additionally, the interior design of this model has also been enhanced with perfect touches. The special design of leather treatment is capable of reducing surface temperatures. There is also light-colored upholstery that is able to reduce the surface temperature by approximately 27 degrees.

As well, the well-known BMW’s sun-reflective technology lessens the temperature of certain interior parts including leather seating, gear shifter, headrests, and armrests surfaces. Even, color pigment in leather has the ability to reflect the radiation of Sun’s infrared over 720 nanometers.