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Surely, Bentley Flying Spur is four-wheel drive model that is equipped with 6.0 liter W12 twin turbo Volkswagen engine that delivers 552bhp, 1,600 rpm for its 2.475kg kerbweight, thus Bentley is a solid car especially with the top speed reaches 195 mph. It seems that this car is dedicated for real road driving if you take a closer look to its slightly Continental GT styling. Moreover, the silver grille assistance improves its classic touches and the unique of bentley metal finish on each knob has become another attractiveness as well.

Lately, Bentley has launched special editions of Bentley flying spur for Middle East market. These models are dedicated for influential customers and it is designed to increase the current 10% sales in Middle Eastern itself. In details, the special editions are built in very exclusive project because the car is hand built to meet the luxurious and elegance taste.

These special editions are called Flying Spur Arabia and Flying Spur Speed Arabia. Bentley equips these special editions car with typical Bentley fenders, ash-tray lid, and door sills. Also, the ceramic brakes and valet key become the optional specifications for both models.

In addition, the engine adopts the same one with the standard flying spur model which is the 6 liter W12 engine to delivers more powerful performance at stunning 600 horsepower. For the inner performance, the cars are completed with unique wheels but they are different for each model. The Continental Flying Spur Arabia is equipped with 14-spoke diamond alloy wheel, whereas another model, the Speed Arabia, has generous robust bright silver 10-spoke 20-inch wheels.

To keep up with the growing technology, both models of Bentley flying spur offer several optional features to satisfy the customers’ demand when they want to make desired customization to their cars. The additional features include iPod interface, Adaptive Cruise Control, front seats, rear-view camera, and rear bench phone panels for more practical and convenient use.

However, the official prices that tag both Flying Spur Arabia and Flying Spur Speed Arabia hasn’t confirmed yet. But the major point is that these models are specially created for influential customers after learning the recognition of growing importance as well as individual styling and driving tastes of many customers.