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Luxury cars are precious belongings for many people who consider about the importance of performance. Moreover, the convenience, prestige, and high taste are also other reasons for people to spend a tremendous amount of money to own the car. Among many well-known brands spread out there, Audi may one of many brands people would notice as a superb company. And as a leading luxury car manufacturer, Audi rolled out its astonishing model entitled Audi R8.

Viewing the remarkable specifications come with the car, it would be truly reasonable that Audi R8 could be the biggest challenge for the astounding Porsche 911. How this R8 offers tight competition to Porsche 911 can be figured out later through this article.

Adopting the same-level specifications with other Audi models, R8 is designed based on the materials from various brands. Its prototype is taken from the Le Mans Quattro and the chassis is brought from Lamborghini Gallardo. The V8 cylinder is just the same one integrated to RS4, it is unquestionably terrific. Start from this little details, you may already know to what kind of drivers this AUDI R8 dedicated for.

In further details, this Audi model belongs to 414 bhp unit that is able to accelerate at 0-60mph in 4.5 sec, whereas its top speed reaches 187 mph. Also, this 4-wheel-drive ride is equipped with 6-speed manual and as a fuel-powered car, R8 produces 318 CO2 g/Km. additionally, the 4 wheel drive is controlled through Audi’s R-Tronic sequential gearbox.

Moreover, this coupe 2-door car is measured at 174.4 in length, 75 in width, and it is weighed at 49.2 lbs. The front wheels come in 8 x 9 and the rear is in 10 x 19. Tyres at the front side are 235/40 ZR19, whereas the rears are 285/35 ZR19. The engine is located at the mid of the car.

Specifically, even though it merely has 2 seats, R8 offers large and practical place for you to sit as comfortably as you wish. As well, as you scrutinizing inside the car, the interior design is more stunning than other Audi models. Perhaps it is another reason why Audi R8 is a great challenge for Porsche 911.